Our Vision for Education as APOSTOLIC CARMELITES

  • Called to live in God’s presence and sharing in Christ’s mission to transform the world in love, we the Sisters of the Apostolic Carmel, like Mary and our Foundress, Mother Veronica, by our lives of Consecration:vision-img
    • Strive to draw out the full potential of our students and especially of the women we educate.
    • Foster in them the rich values of Christian and cultural heritage so that they are urged to respond to life’s challenges with joy and courage that is rooted in prayer; and committed to serve society as responsible citizens.
  • A special thrust of our educational effort is an active concern for the formation of authentic Christians imbibed with a sense of mission to our country and the world.
  • This then is the challenge we present to you dear students of Mount Carmel. We invite you to strive from the very start to acquire these qualities, so that each of you can become beautiful and unique persons. God has meant you to make your contribution to the peace, progress and prosperity of your family, school, country and the whole world.
  • Mount Carmel Convent High School is an offshoot of “The Congregation of the Sisters of the Apostolic Carmel” which has a specific goal in view.
  • Mount Carmel Convent High School, a Christian minority institution, is an English Medium School started at Nana Peth in 1943, to provide Catholic girls with sound religious and moral education. Other pupils are also admitted with due respect to their religious feelings and freedom of conscience. It is named after Our Lady of Mount Carmel, from whom our youth will learn openness to God’s all-sufficing love that will enable them to accept life’s situations in a deep spirit of faith.
  • Due to the ever-increasing strength, there was need to shift the Secondary Section to Lullanagar in 1956. In 1974, the K.G. class was opened in view of starting the Primary Section also, and was gradually upgraded. We have now a complete Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary School and Junior College.
  • This school, recognized by the Government of Maharashtra, prepares pupils for the Secondary School Certificate Examination in a ten years course.
  • In keeping with the original goal, it is devoted at present for the purpose of advancement of education in all its aspects, primarily for the benefit of Catholic women and children and in addition for members of other communities irrespective of religion, caste, community, race or social status.

Mother Veronica of the Passion

Mother Veronica of the Passion

The ‘Apostolic Carmel’ is an Indian Congregation of Sisters which was established in India on 19th November 1870. It was founded in Bayonne, France on 16th July, 1868 by Mother Veronica of the Passion. She was a holy and dedicated woman who was inspired by God to start a congregation devoted mainly to the education of youth.Apostolic Carmel High School, Bandra, Mumbai founded in June 1953, is one of the Institutions conducted by the Apostolic Carmel Sisters.

We draw our inspiration from Christ, who willed the total development of every person as also from our Foundress, Mother Veronica.

Sophie Leeves, her former name, born on 1st October, 1823, was an English lady, daughter of Marina Leeves and Rev. Henry Daniel Leeves, a military Chaplain to the British Ambassador. She was well educated and an extremely versatile person. Besides being a writer, she was also an excellent musician.

She had everything but not truly happy. It was at this time that she received a call from God to give herself totally to the service of God. In response, she joined the Congregation of sisters of St. Joseph of Apparition, on 14th September, 1851. As a nun, she received a new name – Sister Veronica of the Passion.

Having worked in several schools in Europe, she was sent to Calicut, India in 1862. She showed a special love for the less fortunate. She wanted both the rich and the poor to enjoy all the ‘goods of the land’ – God’s gift for his people. She learnt Malayalam, eager to fit herself to give an all round development to the girls in this new field of labour where Malayalam was the chief language.

It was while here that she heard another call – a call to enter ‘Carmel’. Relying on God and empowered by Him, she surmounted all difficulties, ridicule and insult and went back to France in 1867. She started a small house in Bayonne and there the Apostolic Carmel was born. She trained a batch of three sisters and sent them to India. As with other works taken in faith. Once again the history of the Apostolic Carmel proves the truth of the Biblical maxim: “Unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit” (Jn.12:24) The house in Bayonne had to be closed. But this closure gave the A.C. a
singular characteristic – making it completely indigenous.

It was on 19th November, 1870 that the three Sisters landed in Mangalore and started the St.Ann’s School for girls. Mother Veronica had fulfilled the purpose God had called her for – “A Carmel for the Mission”.


Provincial Team

She had yet another call – a call to the cloistered Carmel. Truly she could say she lived up to her maxim: “Obedience is my life”. For the next 33 years of her life, until her saintly death on November 16, 1906, she continued to water the tiny plant that she transplanted in India on November 19, 1870, with her prayer and sacrifice.

Following in her footsteps, we continue the work of education through our various Institutions from the Nursery to the Collegiate level.

The Western Province is headquartered in Bandra, Mumbai and we are privileged to have leading members of our congregation so near at hand to guide and help us shape this institution.